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KLC Update this morning

  • I use ChromePlus and I have raved about it's KLC handling/performance.  I've never had major issues.  This morning, I was prompted to install a new KLC plugin and I obliged.  Since then, over the course of the day, I have had about 20 KLC crashes.  Now I have to wait until the thumbnail/memory/cpu monitors populate before I can even try Remote Control.  Post-6.1 but pre-today's update, I didn't have to wait for KLC to fully load to try to initiate Remote Control.  Now, if I click Remote Control too soon, it tells me that the remote system stopped responding and makes me refresh the browser.  This seems to have a catastrophic effect on all of my other KLC sessions.  I checked my hotfix history and there's nothing specifically KLC-related from today, but there's a crapload of CSS updates.  Anybody else having new sub-par KLC problems today?

  • we have noticed it as well.   I sure hope our clients dont complain.  The changing and downloading is becomming a pain

  • I have this issue too. Also it looks like the KLC connection drops several times during active working. Some clients complain also. For me the frequency I have to reinstall KLC is going to bother me more and more.

  • Crashing like crazy on Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

    I submitted a ticket to support this morning, very irritating since we've become much more reliant on it.

  • Support acknowledged a problem and they've been working on it. Hopefully we have a solution in the next few hours.

  • I put a ticket in yesterday afternoon because it was getting unbearable.  I did get yet another KLC update prompt this morning and I obliged and I've only had one crash since then...

    Support (via my ticket) says:

    "Can you please let us know when it is crashing, are you getting any error messages? or simply just dumps the session?

    Also is this any machine?

    Can you let us know what browser you are using, and realise you have mentioned it it not a browser issue, but would like to do some testing and recreate the same scenerio you are using there."

    So, I think I'm safe in replying that it is any machine, any browser, all networks, seems to be related to task manager and remote control, and that it dumps randomly with the error that the remote system has stopped responding.

  • I'd say it's gotten worse since the last update this morning.

  • I have noticed the same problem where Live Connect crashes if I try to start remote control before the thumbnails loads.

    I have also gotten a lot of Live Connect remote control crashes when remote controlling servers.

    I was having an issue where Live Connect was consistently crashing my entire browser, but a hotifx was issued that fixed that last Friday, so just one Live Connect session crashing is an improvement for me!

  • A couple of notes --

    1. We have fixed the problem where we were not able to launch a Live Connect feature that resulted in the dialog box that prompted the user to refresh the browser. This was included in a hotfix that went out on the 23rd.

    2. The hotfix will be applied to IT Center today during the maintenance window, so if you're using Live Connect in this environment the fix will be forthcoming. On-premise environments will need to apply the hotfix to get the changes.

    3. We support the most recent versions of Chrome, FireFox, IE and Safari browsers. We are currently testing FireFox 4 and IE 9; We do IE 9 running with Compatibility View enabled (support.microsoft.com/.../956197). We do not support ChromePlus.

    If you continue to see issues after applying the latest HotFix (or after this week's maintenance window for hosted environments) please open up a support ticket.



  • just applied the latest round of hotfixes on our on-premise server, seems to be stable again

  • I just applied latest hotfixes also, but I am still getting random crashes.  Some tabs stay alive while others crash.  The button that is presented for a refresh does not work, I have to close the tab and reopen KLC to make it work again.

  • Are you using ChromePlus?

  • ChromePlus and/or IE8 - both have approximately the same instability.

  • If there's a problem with IE 8 then please open a support ticket.

  • I did already (see post from 03/24).