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Live connect and Remote Access policy

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Morning Guys and Gals,

Anybody know of a way to modify Remote Access Policy so that you can restrict the ability to to silently control a users machine? 



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  • Hi ,

    You can do it with 2 ways: go to remote control -> notification policy -> machine policy and apply silenty take control.


    Create a policy: and check the box remote control -> select user notification type: silenty take control.

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  • Youri is correct... notification policy is what you need.

    Some additional detail,

    You will notice there are two types of policies;

    User Role


    User Role restrists all Administrators of a certain Role type, Machine affects ALL Administrators and Roles of a specific machine... Machine Role takes precedence.  You have the following options;

    • Silently take control
    • If user logged in, display alert
    • Ask permission
    • Require permission. Denied if noone logged in


    If you restricted a Role to "Require permission, deny if noone is logged in" you would probably want to set a Machine Policy for all Servers to "Allow silent remote control" since it is likely there would NOT be anyone logged into a server or sitting at a server console waiting to provide access permission.

    Also, if your using this to restrict your VSA Admin's authority, its important to provide those admins a Role less then Master and remove functional access to the "Remote Control/ Policy Settings" from their role so they cant simply switch the setting back to Silent.

    Hope this helps;


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