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LiveConnect Freezing on one monitor - multiple workstations

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I have a handful of workstations that have been recently re-imaged and are having an issue where Kaseya Live Connect will freeze on one of three displays. The laptops are all different (Dells, Win 10) and various monitors. Drivers are all updated. When it is frozen on the one display, you can move the window to another display and it will unfreeze. Moving it back to the one display and it freezes again.

Updated drivers, bios, different docks, different monitors, different cables.

When frozen, it shows the little loading circle, but it is not moving. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

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  • The only comparable issue I know off, with a different piece of software had two options.

    Hardware acceleration should be off, if that's even a setting you can access. And Resolutions over Full HD were not supported in this software. Maybe one of those two options has something to do with the issue.

    There's an outside chance it relates to the way you attached the monitor: VGA, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. It could be the issue only shows up with one of these options, but we haven't run into this. Since we don't use Dell notebooks, but HP Probooks and Microsoft Surface, it could be something very specific with Dell...

  • We have had issues with Dell laptops. I had to make sure all the latest Dell updates for the hardware were in place to resolve (e.g. BIOS, system board, video drivers, etc.). It did help.