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Live Connect On Demand - Local Admin Credentials

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Our service desk has been using LogMeIn to access clients that do not have Kaseya installed (for whatever reason). However, it woiuld make more sense for us to use Live Connect On Demand but there seems to be an issue...

With LogMeIn it is possible to embed the local Administrator credentials so that uses who do not have Admin rights on their PC can still install the application. My question is whether it is possible to do this with Live Connect On Demand?

I know that Admin Credentials can be added into Agent Packages but there doesn't seem to be a way to select a particular package to be sent with the On Demand link. Can anyone confirm if this is simply not possible or (hopefully!) how it can be done.

Thanks in advance.

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  • +1 bump...

    Just started to explore the possibilities of KLC On Demand this week also and hadn't even thought of this issue which will be a problem for 99% of my users too...would be great if there is an answer out there...!?

  • I did have a feature request for this but can't find it since the helpdesk site changed again. Support are aware of this though and as far as I know have made no effort to progress this.

    You can open ticket with support and ask them to link it to the master ticket:-

    "AF-2785 - Live connect on demand : user needs admin rights to initiate live connect on demand" to receive updates on any progress, and feel free to also have them link it to our ticket - 211186.

    Our ticket was created late September/early October 2017 and nothing at all has happened with this since then.