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Hi there, since upgrading to 9.5 (and the latest patch release) I'm seeing very poor performance and connection issues from my PC. Often have to open several KRC windows to get it to connect, just sits there spinning the Connecting message. Same for KLC.

Once connected the session will often freeze and again, I have to open several windows until one of them starts working properly.

Don't recall anything like this in 9.4.

Any tips on clearing out old components related to KRC/KLC? I'm sure I would have heard if the rest of the team were suffering to the same degree....

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  • We don't use roboforms at all and our KRC has been total garbage since 9.5.x

    We've been promised a fix is coming for it in

  • Just to add we have noticed poor KRC performance to and today i had to close and re-connect on many occasions to endpoints after freezing. It seems our VSA adopts a new problem after each patch!

  • We have set the default action if you click the icon to the old KRC, if this does not work open Live connect and run KLC/RC and in most cases one of them will work. It would be nice if it was fixed but I live in a world of work arounds.

  • For those suffering 'freezing' (particular after repeated keypresses like Ctrl+C) - assuming you've got decent bandwidth and have double-checked firewall settings - have you tried switching to the software renderer as covered here - helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../115001641112-Remote-Control-rendering-issues

    A number of our techs have found this significantly reduced the incidence of 'frozen' KRC sessions.

  • We don't appear to be having anything of the reported issues here with KLC other than the copy and paste functionality. Freezing, randomn disconnected, thats not a thing for us here, it actually stays pretty stable for us.  We have a on-prem large instance so I don't know if its a SAAS issue particularly or perhaps a circuit over utilization/ VSA box being underprovisioned.

    I regularly have 4-5 KLC sessions open all the time can I can leave open and come back to hours later and they are still active where I left them.  Just curious why some people seem to be having these kinda really bad sounding issues, because I would certainly be jumping up and down if I had them.