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Keyboard state bugs

  • Press the shift, ctrl or alt keys 3 times to "unstick" them (hard to know which one it is, so try each of them). Sometimes it can be the left or right side. Yes, there is something wrong in the liveconnect that this happens in the first place, but this is the workaround that has worked for me.

  • if you have webroot as anti virus, it's possible that webroot is causing the problem...

  • Workaround is fine. However, Many times I found myself sending emails just by pressing Enter key when all I wanted was to insert a new line in the message. That means CRLT key got stick (CTRL + ENTER is the sortcut for sending emails).

    This must be stop. It's not only about what happens when connecting to a remote device, but also what happens locally in my computer. I'm tired of this software!

  • I had to do this


    to stop sending random emails to coworkers that were half complete, due to this issue.

  • Still lots of bugs. The shift state does occasionally get stuck for us, but the biggest pain is still copy and paste.

    Doing a copy freezes LC sessions, copy paste with multiple sessions open just becomes a train wreck, high latency on one LC session slows all sessions and the machine it's running on.

    The basic design flaws still annoy - eg if a lc session ends it just totally forgets about the machine you were working on  - no history. No easy way to reestablish a session back to that machine. As busy l1 support people i can have 5 or 6 lc sessions open concurrently - and all it takes is one to hiccup and I lose everything.

    Kaseya still has a LOT of usability work to do.

  • We updated VSA side to .25 as well (we were earlier just previewing the Liveconnect side without updating the VSA), and issue persists. Something changed in Kaseya's Live connect code between .23 and .25 that they need to put back the way it was in .23!

  • Ok guys, I have come up with an actual solution to remove the KeePass ctrl Key sticking during password auto type, hopefully this helps someone out who comes across this thread.

    Format your autotype sequence in the Auto Type tab like this, or however you want your sequence but include APPACTIVATE at the end.

    bl.kdbx - KeePass   is what my KeePass title shows as, change it to whatever your password database is.

    {PASSWORD}{APPACTIVATE bl.kdbx - KeePass}

    By context switching back to the KeePass window, it seems to prevent the control key from sticking on your host machine.

    If this still doesn't work may be able to do something with {VKEY 163 U}{VKEY 162 U}{VKEY 17 U}, but I found that unnecessary as the results with {APPACTIVATE} were very good.

  • i have something like this for a long time, but i don't know exactly how to reproduce it. Sometimes my local system suddenly behaves as if I had permanently pressed the shift key. This is when the strangest things happen. Like zooming in the browser or other problems you already described. The only thing that helps is to restart my computer.

  • Same here. Sometimes it is the CTRL Key, sometime SHIFT. Totally random. But just if I have a LiveConnection active. I always have to restart my computer, it is annoying as f*ck. Ticket is already open, but I don't expect any solution if I see how long this threat is alive...

  • Hey Jeffrey, its being 3 years since this post and do we actually have this diagnostic version. but only thing i know is we still have these old issues in the latest KLC 9.5.7643...!!!

  • Still same issues for us also, for what it's worth.