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Keyboard state bugs

  • Just FYI that PowerShell supports this, just not Command Prompt.

  • Copy/paste bug is pretty annoying, if you run in to the issue and need to work around it you have to close all RC windows and maybe LC as well then relaunch the RC window.  Kind of puts a kink in good flow when you're trying to resolve an issue.

    Issue appears to happen when one of the RC windows doesn't release its hook but could be wrong.

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  • Thanks for replying . We have reported the command history functionality many times previously though!

  • Yeah completly agree with the comment about it stopping your flow, when you have spent 2 hours on a ticket trying to fix a server and then all of a sudden you can't copy the command on your server via RC so you have to close your 4 RC sessions and restart it's so frustating.

  • The original right-shift bug is fixed for us in 9.5. However, we still have various issues.

    right-shift is not 'seen' by a Hyper-V VM if you're operating the VM via the hyper-V Virtual Machine connection on the hyper-V host, which you're RC'd into. i beleive the same issue exists if you control a VMWare VM via the vSphere client.

    Keyboard state and clipboard are just a mess if two techs are rC'd into the same vm simultaneously...each tech corrupts the clipboard of the other and also messes with the keyboard state. try pressing capslock and see what happens.

    We also notice the tech's computer runs very slowly, on occasion, with multiple RC sessions open. It's a bit hit and miss, sometimes all is well, sometimes the machine is so slow notepad can't keep up with typing. Closing KLC fully restores performance, but you lose all your RC sessions which is amazingly frustrating.

    There's a lot of work to do yet on getting RC working properly. I think Kaseya knows this, but i'm not hearing a lot on the topic of how they intend to fix it. My gut feel is that the approach to RC is fundamentally flawed, and can't be fixed without a major re-write or core components such as keyboard handling and screen resolution.

  • 100% this!

    We are suffering with all of the same issues as you have set out above. The amount of time that our techs are wasting using KLC/RC has become a big issue for us now. So much so that other teams have purchased licenses for working third-party solutions.

    Yes the new version looks pretty, but it has many flaws that hamper use in production and has a much reduced feature set when compared to the previous version.

    Isn't it about time that Kaseya stopped trying to re-invent the wheel to proudly present us with their less functional square?

    Wouldn't it be much easier all round to just do what other RMM's do and license a working, fully featured product that engineers can use without issue or complaint, such as LogMeIn Pro or TeamViewer?

    LMI even works with password management from LastPass so engineers can seamlessly authenticate to machines using a shared password vault - something that has been touted in AuthAnvil but it seems will never come to fruition since AAoD has killed off the on prem version of AuthAnvil that featured a password server.

  • Its like too many features have gone into the remote control so now the basics don't work. Kaseya please take these issues seriously, I'm sick of whinging on this forum to get a response to fixing simple issues like copy and paste.

    I know you have fix some issues, but it's way off being a stable remote control solution for us.

  • Craig, I agree. The line of business we are all in, remotely connecting to end users and using basic functions for technicians to do there job efficiently is a must and should work out of the box. I don't think we will be renewing our license on renewal, as we would be contracted for another 3 years and basic tools to do our job are not working using Kaseya.

  • I appreciate everyone's thoughts here. As you're likely aware, we spent the last couple of weeks addressing security and other fundamental make-or-break issues. This took us away from one of the most truly important and integral part of the VSA -- Live Connect.

    I took the liberty to reproduce some of the issues mentioned here (some of them were not reported through Support unfortunately). I took this feedback to our team and we've agreed to re-commit to getting these remote control issues tackled in the next few weeks.

    One issue we were not able to reproduce is copy / paste breaking requiring restarting Live Connect -- , could you post reproduction steps for that one? Changing the way copy / paste works from a security perspective is a bigger task but something we've decided to move up in terms of importance.

    I intend to deliver updates as they come and continue gathering feedback. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at jeffrey.odolski@kaseya.com if you want to address something specific. Thanks!

  • I can reproduce the copy paste bug. (ticket ID #53112).

    It basically goes like this.

    1. Tech A KRCs into Host A. (I'm not sure that it matters who logs in first)

    2. Tech B KRCs into Host A.

    3. Tech A puts something on their clipboard

    4. Tech B now has the same contents on his local clipboard.

    5. Tech B can *not* put anything else on his clipboard.

    6. Tech B does a Ctrl-C, and when Ctrl-Vs, it's the contents from Tech A.

    7. Tech B asks Tech A to close KLC/KRC session to Host A, and then Tech B's clipboard functions again.

    8. In some cases, Tech B also has to exit KLC/KRC to regain control of the clipboard.

    Some notes about our setup.

    1. Our VSA is hosted in a datacenter. None of our techs are "on premise" with the VSA.

    2. None of our techs cohabitate. They all work remotely from different locations.

    3. All of our techs use "Screenshot" tools. (i.e. Jing, Monosnap).I mention this because these tools also programmatically interact with the clipboard.

    We have the issue everyday, several times a day. I also have many techs that complain about keys being stuck.

  • What Archman has described is similar to our experience.  #4 is the weirdest part, I've sometimes been doing other tasks and trying to copy/paste and I end up pasting something really strange, and realize I've got a Kaseya session open in another window while another tech is working, and I am pasting something from their clipboard.  

    Steps 5-7 are the same, all the way down to having to ask the other tech to close the session so they can use copy/paste again.

    Although I will add is that we are on-prem, on 9.4 with the latest patches and it's been a problem for a while.  Although, I think this problem is specific to at least 9.4, I do not remember it in 9.3. or at least 9.2.

  • Yeah that's right most of these issue occured with the 9.4 update, I could copy and past before that without any issues.

    God knows what the developers have done with the Live Connect code in 9.4 but it's gone backwards since this major update.and we are on the latest hotfix.

  • We are still experiencing KeePass autotype issues. Is anyone else?

    Any updates on this issue from Kaseya?

  • I'm facing this exact same issue since I installed this product in my laptop. It's frustrating having to reboot my laptop 4/7 times a day because my keyboard goes crazy not only when remoting into a computer but locally as well. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!

  • This was working fine for us for the last few versions.

    However, this issue came back with the use of the new agent, where the ctrl and shift keys stick on my computer when Kaseya windows are open.

    Just tracking this in here as perhaps having the history of what versions do this and what versions don't will help Kaseya support track down what they changed to break it once again after they had had it fixed.

    Was working fine with the live connect included in

    Started sticking with the live connect included in