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Keyboard state bugs

  • Yeah no problem, I'm happy to give you some examples on how to replicate these issues. How do I contact you?


  • A new bug?

    If you have KRC session open and open RDP from that session to another machine then right shift key stops working. Left shift key works though.

  • We have seen various bugs surrounding right-shift. I'm guessing this may simply be another manifestation of the issue.

    Does simply pressing and releasing right-shift (on it's own, on't press any other key) 'fix' the issue? It does for us.

  • Nope, I even opened the On-Screen keyboard and it does not register anything when pressing the right shift.

  • any updated on the Keepass autotype issues. My team members are close to throwing their computers out the window? Ticket #219322

  • Just realized that I missed this. I had a discussion at length with development on this issue. I'll see what I can do from my end to get this looked at. I appreciate it.

  • Right shift still doesn't work for us, our techs are getting frustated!!

  • A lot of our techs have ditched KLC all together now I'm afraid and are using Teamviewer.

  • Yeah we are finding it highly annoying, it mainly happens when 2 techs are connected to the same session or you have more than 3 sessions open.

    One other very annoying feature is the resolution, why the F can't we change it for our session or at least allow full screen when both resolutions match ie 1920x1080. Yes I know you can change it within Windows of the end users machine, however a) it still has the 2 black lines either side and b) You can also forget to change it back, which annoys the customer!

  • It definitely does not feel like "the best just got better"".

  • The issue with us not being able to use KeePass with Kaseya remote control is incredibly frustrating, is causing our team unnecessary stress and costing us a lot of money each week in lost efficiency requiring techs to manually type complex passwords and to reset each others accounts contantly when they are locked out!

    We have never had these problems with TeamViewer of LogMe in but is Kaseya going to give us a discount so that we can finance these workarounds until Kaseya fix the problem?

    I was told that this would be fixed in the next sprint and that was several weeks ago.

    We need this to be fixed now!!!!

  • Lol !

    Let me know if you get some back - we would be very interested in seeing the same! Our engineering team have also purchased TeamViewer as an alternative as they are unable to use KLC or frustrated with what has become of it.

  • Kaseya please listen to our frustations, these issues never occured in 9.3 with KLC, there has been a number of fixes since then but we are still worse off.

    Wish I had stayed on 9.3 where I could copy and paste without a problem

  • And we could backspace/delete and use the up and down cursor keys for command history.

    9.4 KLC does look prettier though so there is that.

  • Hey all, definitely heard loud and clear.

    I'm going to see if we can reproduce the right shift issue and get it reported.

    Resolution matching is something we'll explore down the road.

    & Since we ran into security issues in the past few weeks, the paste issue had been pushed back a few times. I do apologize about that. I'll get it looked at as soon as possible.

    Looks like we missed the command history functionality there. I got that reported.

    If these issues are having such impact, please use the classic remote control which is adjustable in System > Default Settings. Single-clicking the agent icon will launch the previous version. This is akin to the 9.3 version.