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Keyboard state bugs

  • We have had one tech break a keyboard, due to his frustration

    Surely Kaseya doesn't need all these tickets logged, when it is quiet clearly a major bug that a lot of people are experiencing and surprised Kaseya hasn't come across this very same bug in beta testing.

  • Please Kaseya listen to your customers and fix these keyboard issues once and for all!!

  • Wer've started using RDP for servers and VNC for client machines now which is what we first used 10 years ago when we first starting using Kaseya :-(

  • Rarely do I pile on when there's a known problem, but this is one of those irritations that does induce engineers to destroy keyboards in frustration. We've lost two in the past two months due to this.

    I don't make idle threats, but it's gotten so frustrating that my team has demanded that we press forward with a Labtec implementation we've been testing.  

  • , , , , , , , and the rest who are experiencing this issue, your concerns are loud and clear. This is an issue that had been affecting a number of you, including us at Kaseya, and yet we didn't know what exactly caused it. It was one of the more peculiar issues we've had to face.

    We've asked the community to help out and provide diagnostic logs and I'm glad to say that as of last week, we were able to discover consistent, reproducible steps. We found out that if one of the modifier keys were held down while switching window focus, it would cause the OS environment to think that the key is still held down. This in turn helped our development team understand where to focus on. We have an idea of how to fix it and we're literally working on it as we speak.

    However, we aren't going to stop here. We are looking at every possible scenario that would cause key commands to trip. What we need now more than ever are exact reproduction steps. If you have them, please send them over. It is my hope that we get a majority, if not all, keyboard-related issues resolved by patch

    Keep posting your thoughts and concerns.

  • We've not been able to reproduce this on Mac agents so far. Was anyone able to reproduce this issue on Macs specifically?

  • Our techs have not reported the problem on Macs

  • Hey Jeffrey, we just experienced the issue while we were connected to two Macs today. We're also running the new live connect installer that was shared yesterday. We just submitted a support request so that we can track the progress.

  • We will be releasing one fix dealing with modifier keys for However, we've seen other modifier keys get affected as well. We have a new engineering ticket to look into that next week. If you have additional reproduction steps to send over, especially for Mac environments, please do. Thanks, everyone!

  • Cheers Jeffrey, we've installed but when do you think will be released with the modifer keys?

  • Our techs have have said they keyboard issues happen when they have more than 3 live connection sessions going at once, and then they have to reboot their machines to fix the issue which is really frustating when deep into 4 tickets trying to find solutions.  

  • We don't have to reboot our machines, we disconnect our sessions and then in sequence press from left to right

    shift, ctrl, alt, alt (gr), crtl, shift and it seems to bring back keyboard functionality.

    Any eta, so I can give our techs as when we just had the they all laughed and said obviously Kaseya must not use their own remote software. We will release a patch first and tease you some more before we decide to fix the issue that is frustrating.

  • is expected to be available by the end of next week.

    If you can provide exact reproduction steps using more than three sessions, it would be really helpful. If you'd like to have one of your techs attempt to reproduce using a debug version, let me know.

    We actually do use our own software but interestingly enough it just doesn't happen with such frequency that techs in the field are experiencing. Point taken however. We have plans to ensure QA work on Live Connect.

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  • Hi Jeffrey - we have upgraded production to 9.5 -- as the beta program requested. When will these patches find their way into the 9.5 branch?

  • Any news on the patch being released, as it is the end of the week and had no news.