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feature requests

  • Live connect is generally great, but for a few annoyances...

    1. multi-monitor thumbnails please.

    2. is it too much to expect KLC to survive a machine getting rebooted? not the remote control pane, obviously, but KLC basically dies and never reconnects if the box is rebooted; why can't KLC just pick up once the box comes back online and keep working.....closing and reopening KLC windows is annoying.

    3. regedit on the HKCU key would be nice (although, I understand this would be a technical challenge). ideally map users to HKCU and show that info onscreen would be awesome.

    4. file manager - details view, file sizes and timestamps please. Oh, and make the thing run at a reasonable speed....waiting 2-3 minutes to see a list of a few dozen filenames in a folder is hopeless

    5. command shell needs buffering. it drops keystrokes all the time, can't handle last command recall properly.

    Just some random thoughts....anyone elase want to jump in?

  • I would appreciate the ability to drag a file from Explorer on my computer and drop it into the LiveConnect file manager to push it to the remote computer.  It can be cumbersome to drill through the local file tree in LiveConnect in order to locate the file I am trying to send to the remote host.