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NEW VNC Viewer in Live Connect: Releasing as a Hot-Fix Evening of March 28th

  • I am excited to announce an updated VNC Viewer** happening this Thursday evening pacific standard time!  This update fixes a handful of bugs and brings some new functionality.

    New Action Bar With Enhanced Features

    New Connection Options Available


    • Here is a Knowledge Base Article from the support team.
    • You will be prompted for an update the first time you launch Live Connect and use Desktop Access.  This will install the new files.


    How do you feel about this update?  

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    • No Big Deal (0%)
    • I use IE so it doesn't affect me (0%)
    • Total Votes: 6

    **This is a Java only update.  Therefore, you must run Live Connect in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to use it.

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  • Is this for 6.3 only or also 6.2?



  • Phil,

    This is a 6.3 only update.

  • This update has had some negative effects on a small group of customers.  The hot-fixes to address some of these issues have already been deployed.  If you are having problems, please re-run the hot-fixer.  Thanks!                                      

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  • What about SaaS customers?

  • SaaS customers will be updated during the normal maintenance window.  This is typically done on Saturdays.

  • ngentiauw

  • This hot fix seems to have broken desktop access from Mac browsers for me - now I'm missing the following:

    - disconnect button

    - send ctrl-alt-delete button

    - fit to screen button

    - x and y scroll bars

    And I'm a SaaS customer, so there seems to be nothing I can about it. This is a major issue.

  • xreeee,

    Clearing your cache seems to fix these types of issues.  If after clearing your cache you are still having a problem, please get a ticket into the system.  The development team is standing by to remediate any issues.  Thanks!

  • Seems to be an issue only on newer versions of Chrome, we are opening a ticket now.

  • FYI this was NOT a Kaseya issue, turned out to be a few individual PCs that have since cleared up.