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Remote Control - Kaseya's own version

  • Finally had a chance to revisit this thread after the webinar. From what I saw much earlier in this year, the new remote control app is not OSX compatible. Does anyone know if there is planned OSX compatibility at or after official release? Very important to that the app runs on OSX, and not just control OSX systems.

  • The Roadmap has been updated.  The initial release of the Remote control overhaul will have support for the following OS:

    Windows: XP and up

    Mac: 10.7 and up

  • I see BYOD under October 2013.  Are we still waiting on that release or is it just an announcement?

  • This Wednesday is a webinar for BYOD 2.6


  • I stumbled on this thread by accident, but will these new RC features be live soon?

  • Scheduled for release in the May update.