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Access to USB thumb drive or SD Card

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Hi All

Is there a trick to be able to access a USB thumb drive or SD card connected to the remote machine through File Manager in KLC?

I can see the drive in the audit field as being there under Disk Volume and if I control the desktop I can access it.  I can also access it from the command line option in KLC but it is not showing up under File Manager.



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  • Hi Tony,

    There should not be any trick  :)  Is this issue isolated to one PC/OS or across the board?  



  • Rob - I have about 120 machines with a USB Memory stick in it and I can see it in the Audit fields and if I access the site via KLC command prompt I can switch to it take a directory.

    It is a FAT32 drive if that matters and I have a mix of WinXP Pro and WinXP embedded and it is the same on either machine