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Malicious websites blocking issue since Saturday

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It seems MalwareBytes had an update issue, causing MalwareBytes to block most internet access. Machines for several customers and for ourselves started giving errors and blocking all external access. One example I got was a website for Microsoft. Our Kaseya central monitor machine had issues and couldn't be reached. After disabling the Malicious website blocking in the profile I was able to remote control the machine again.

So, I wanted to get this out there for others who run into this and I'd like to hear if anyone has some official update about this, since I haven't been able to find anything online about this as of yet. So, it seems it's connected to us somehow or reports about this are slow to come out....

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  • Some more googling led me to an article in the MalwareBytes forums:


    I've started a ticket with Kaseya for any guidance on this issue....

  • They've already released the fix.


  • Well, I know there is a fix and that link talks about much newer versions than the one we have in Kaseya. The version we know apparantly was updated to a and I was hoping Kaseya would bring out some extra info how to best fix this.

    Since internet connectivity could be gone, you may need to manually fix things, and since we have almost 2.000 KAM agents I'm not looking forward to such a task. So, any procedure or smart option Kaseya can give us would be more than appreciated.

  • For some reason yesterday I turned the machine on and a virus was detected. :)Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi I did uninstall adware 2 weeks ago from the machine. Is this a trace of it?

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  • -There shouldn't be a connection. Having actual malware and MalwareBytes making a mistake with their updates, those are two very separate issues.

  • great share thanks

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