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Installs Fail due to License Activation

  • Ever since, we have been unable to install KAM due to licenses not activating via Kaseya KAM module. Confirmed this is still an issue with Anyone know a workaround as my support ticket was responded with just a 'you found an issue, we may fix in an upcoming update'.

  • we were told by support this morning that patch 16 was supposed to address this. we installed patch 16 last night and are running through some tests now.

  • Installed the patch yesterday and the issue is still there. Repair and reapplication of profiles didn't help.

  • We also installed the patch the other night and the licensing issue still exists.

  • I received an update from Kaseya on this issue:

    "There was an issue with the patch where the fixes for this issue were not included. This will be resolved in patch, which is currently being tested. We will notify you when this patch is released."