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Windows 7 Hang on Reboot

  • Greetings.

    I have been troubleshooting the following issue for a couple of months:

    Dozens of Windows 7 computers of the same model with the same set of apps installed, logged in with the same user account started hanging on reboot.  They would lock so badly that they were not ping-able on the network and had to be powered off.  We initially thought it was a GPO, but after removing from the domain and testing, the issues kept occurring.  There was no indication in any event logs of a problem, nor in the MalwareBytes logs.

    The test we ran this week was to reinstall Windows on three test PCs and followed the following steps:

    - Installed PC with Kaseya.  Joined the domain and logged in as the same user account (fresh profile).  Use Kaseya to reboot the PC every 15 minutes for a day.  All PCs were online after the testing.

    - Installed KAV on the test PCs.  Ran another reboot cycle and all the PCs were online the next day.

    - Today, I installed KAM on the test PCs.  Within an hours of a boot cycle, two of the PCs are offline again.

    I will be removing MalwareBytes from many more PCs over the weekend to see if it stops the hangs, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar problem.

  • This happened a long time ago to us, I think it turned out the be AV reacting with Mbam... this happened with both Symantec Endpoint Protection and AVG and different times... running a script to disable the mbam service and then reboot the machine was the short term fix.