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KAM out of Memory Error

  • I am wondering if anyone else out there has run into the issue of KAM (MalwareBytes 1.75) spawning processes of itself over and over. Users are complaining their PCs throw a low memory error or it just crashes. It is not uncommon for us to see a PC with 30-60 instances of KAM running eating up huge amounts of ram. We have seen this with XP-7 PCs.

  • Please get a support ticket created for this one. I'll also send the link to this thread to our support team and KAM product manager.

  • I have already submitted a ticket. I would like to see if others are having the issue and if they have found any workarounds while I continue to wait to Kaseya support to resolve the issue.

  • Yes, we have seen it with several of our clients machines.  50+ instances running on a single machine at times.  Unfortunately the best solution I have found is to disable or uninstall it.

  • Yes, I'm seeing it too. The response on my previous tickets was not helpful. They told us just reboot every time it happens... which would mean about 5-6 times per day average. I've had to uninstall over 200 just to keep the clients happy.

  • Same here as those above. Upgrading KAM caused chaos with many of our client machines. Uninstalling/disabling has been our only option at this point.

  • We have observed the same behaviour on multiple endpoints as well. Ticket opened today.

    You have a bug here Kaseya. Please fix it.

  • Same here.  Unable to live connect to end points.   Executing "taskkill /im mbam-msp.exe /f" from a command line on the local computer allows Live Connect \ Remote control for a period of time.

    Debating scheduling via an agent procedure on all end points.

  • Received the following response from support.

    This is a known issue regarding the multiple mbam.exe processes on endpoints. Later today ( barring any last minute changes or rollbacks), patch should contain a fix to resolve this issue.

    I do not have an exact ETA as to when this will be available but I do recommend to keep an eye on the Release Notes link below:

  • Patch was applied to SaaS over the weekend and is now available for on premise installations.

    You can find the release notes here:


  • Know this is an old thread but only one i could find on this topic. Anyone still getting this these days? On Kaseya 9.2 and getting this on 4-5 of 30 machines installed today.

  • I just found this after spending the day in crisis mode. Mbam-msp.exe is acting liking a virus ironically enough... there's something majorly wrong with KAM at the moment, I had to write a panic procedure after literally every workstation locked up after consuming all available memory. This was a MAJOR issue today, and the fact that I'm posting this 24 apart from someone else says something is going on. I've had KAM tickets open for the past year with license counts not applying correctly, and now this. Not good! What's the work around? Because right now I have everything manually disabled, and it's got me spooked enough that I'm considering renaming exe files over uninstalling for fear of it triggering some kind of "repair" frenzy similar to today.

  • About a month after I made the original post, Kaseya released a patch that addressed the issue and it has not been a problem for us since. We are now running the latest version on Kaseya R9.2.0.10 and it works fine. I suggest you make sure whatever version of Kaseya you are using is running the latest patches.

  • We're a SAAS customer, it's Patch Level on  System Version This happened when a number of machines randomly came back as broken KAM installs, so I did a repair, and the repair started going berserk. We're talking 20-30 mbam-msp.exe processes, with three of them at almost 1GB of memory each. The clones were all run with with /proxy switch, and the biggest memory hog was the one with the /log switch pointed at /kworking/KAM/Mbamblogs which was a tiny log file with just repeated "PROTECTION STARTED" entries. Today was a very bad day. The KAM tab of our VSA instance ended up crashing, and this is on a cloud hosted setup... so there's obviously something amiss. I'm terrified to re-enable or repair or generally do ANYTHING with KAM at the moment from how much of a s**t-show that was. It'd be one thing if you could actually get some kind of kill script to run... but that's just the thing... the machines just turn into bricks within a minute of booting. You can't run ANYTHING. Not fun!

  • We have noticed an escalating number of MBAM-MSP processes that eventually take up all system resources.  A reboot has not been a successful fix as the the scenario repeats.

    To fix - thus far we have been to kill the MBAM-MSP processes, restart, manually uninstal/MBAM-Clean, restart, rename the MBAM directory in the AgentDir, then run the Repair.