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Requested KAM Licenses, need to buy Core Licenses also as not on support ?

  • Hi all, Sent through a request for a quote on some KAM Licenses on the 19th of this month. Received a reply the same day, was told that as we are not on support, then they would need to get back to us. Received an update today, the 30th, that they were unable to quote on KAM Licenses as we were not on support, but would need to quote on Kaseya CORE licenses along with the same number of KAM. This is on top of the licenses that we already own, which we have plenty of. Im not asking for support, I want an additional product for the licenses that we already have, that are sufficient for our needs at this time. It it just me, or is this a good way of forcing your customers to look elsewhere ?

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  • Update - it appears whom i have been corresponding with has double checked, and found that this is not the case. Did seem strange to me at first glance.