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Remove Malwarebytes from Start Menu .. script?

  • I am hoping that someone can help me out .. I'm looking to hide Malwarebytes from our clients workstations .. We want to install it and basically have it run in the background without the clients knowing it's there (for the most part).    I don't know if there's any other way to do this than to use a Procedure/script.   I tried to create a script on my own, but it's just not working - if anyone can help me out I'd really, really appreciate it.

  • Hi ezadok,

    I take it you are simply trying to remove these from the start menu as opposed to the taskbar so this will be as simple as deleting the folder from the startmenu location.

    Can you post the procedure you have so far? Perhaps we can see something wrong with it.



  • i dont know how to post the procedure - i basically just found something online that removed kaseya from the start menu, and replaced the kasyea parts with malwarebytes -but it didn't work ... i really have no idea how to write scripts so this is the only way I know how to get this done.

  • Is there any way someone can send me a script that will work to do this?