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KAM Updates

  • Where does KAm get its updes from when an update command is issued to the agent's workstation? Does the agent get it from the Kaseya server or from the internet?

  • The internet. KAM simply triggers MalwareBytes update function. Note that there is NO ability to randomise/spread updates, so all endpoints will update simultaneously. This is quite bad. :( As a workaround, we schedule our updates on boot. The only problem there is that some don't reboot their workstations often... sigh.

  • I just run a script that schedules an update and then a scan to run.

  • Mark. Can you share this script?

  • Even better would be if someone could come up with a methodology similar to how patch management works where you can specify a file source on the local network so that on larger networks you didn't have to have all of the machines downloading the updates from the internet.