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Experience with KAM

  • I've been testing the KAM options as we have been getting hige complaints of performance issues that started after rolling out KAM.

    We do not have file or website scanning enabled but when opening applications I do see the MBAM process doing something and taking up resources so it appears that file scanning is still happening.

    I have also tried unchecking the load protection at startup and rebooting the test system and it does still load the service and take up resources.

    I forced the registry to set service to manual and I can still perform a manual scan of the systems so I am considering just mass change the service state and then set scans to nightly and skip if offline.

    Anyone else tested to see if the mbam process really doesn't load on startup if you set that option in a profile?  Maybe our system is just ignoring the options we set altogether?

  • Having the same experiences and have had tickets open with Kaseya for weeks on this with some of the components affecting systems despite load on startup, file execution blocking and website blocking being disabled as you have highlighted.

  • apparently we are the only lucky 2 to have this problem :o0

  • We are getting the same reports from clients... I'll look into building a script to leave MBAM disabled as you suggest, and start the service when the nightly scan runs, then kill the service again.

  • the service appears to be only for realtime protection.  To complete a scan, the service does not need to be running.  

    The problem is that to stop the service it does need a reboot (unless of course you hard kill the process I guess, like you indicated).

    Wonder if the service needs to run in order for updates to happen.

  • If i turn off protection via the Kaseya GUI, it doesn't kill protection in the MBAM GUI. The protection in the MBAM GUI stays greyed out. From reading other forums, looks like scheduled updates and scans require the protection module to be running. Still researching...

  • I'm logging detection in KAM for the process called avp.exe (part of KAV) so it looks like KAV and KAM may not play well together, its blocking an outbound connection that avp.exe is trying to make.

  • Hi Roba0665,

    Same problem here... :(   Yesterday we installed KAM and it seems to block KAV outbound connections.

    I try to find a solution.

  • Sort of having the same problem.

    Installed KAM + KAV on several machines, only ONE machine is reporting/blocking avp.exe

  • so..anyone have any idea's on how to actually disable the protection from killing performance, while ensuring we can do updates and scans?  I know I can force a scan to run even with the KAM services disabled, but not sure about updating.