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KAM pending action causing machines to lock up?

  • We have a new behavior that just started today, wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

    KAM is continually trying to update the profile on endpoints.  If I cancel the pending action, it just starts right back up again.

    The endpoints already have the correct profile, and there is no need for it to update.  Many endpoint logs are filled with:

    KAM: Assign

    KAM: Assign (Parameters)

    Comes up over and over, about a minute apart.  After hours of this happening on the endpoints, they lock up and have to be rebooted.

    I've already tried stopping and restarting the KAM server on our K server, but doesn't seem to help.



  • In case anyone else has this issue, Kaseya support made a temporary fix on our K server until a hotfix for this issue was released.

  • Apparently this hasn't been hotfixed yet. I'm experiencing this same exact issue now.  I've had a ticket open with support for over a week now, and they haven't provided me with any kind of fix.

  • The word I got from K was that a hotfix had already been released.  I'm not sure that I would have noticed when though, since they fixed ours manually.  Hope you can get some help, it is an annoying problem.