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KAM not running silently

  • KAM is not running silently.  The full MalwareBytes UI shows during scheduled scanning and, I assume, would sit there waiting for a user to remove selected items.


    It was actually performing a flash scan when I caught this, NOT a quick scan, so I'm thinking it's related to the profile option to "run flash scan after successful update"


    Any ideas?


    update:  assumption correct.  I logged into another machine with KAM deployed and it's sitting at the Malwarebytes UI with the dialog box of "The scan completed successfully. Click 'show results' to display all infected objects"  from here, I can just click "exit" and it will not disinfect.  Again this was a flash scan.




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  • I just found a server my tech's accidentally put malwarebyte on....holy mother of god...32 instances of MAB sitting on the freaking screen with the same item it detected...

    The automatically remove threads is obviously NOT working..

  • Thuoght I'd bump this to find out if anyone else is experiencing this issue?

  • Same here.  Does anyone know how to stop this?

  • *Bump*

  • Flash scans run as the logged in user instead of the system account, this is a known issue. Current 'work around' is to avoid flash scans.

  • I'm getting kind of tired hearing "this is a known issue" and would much rather hear something like "we expect a fix for this to be released on X"

    Or just take the option to perform a flash scan after update totally out, I don't care.

    Obviously, the work around is to avoid using flash scans, but why should I have to 'work around' anything that's in the UI and should work. Starting to become a little frustrated when seemingly small things like this go untouched for  several months without a fix and my support tickets about the matter are closed within a few days with "known issue" remarks.

    Hopefully the many thousands of dollars we pay for maintenance is actually doing something useful....

  • I need a way to make normal quick scans and Full scans run silent and not pop up the results to the users.  I do not run flash scans on a schedule only manual.  This is a major issue and we need a solution. I have a ticket open on this without resolution yet.

  • i got a response from tech support telling me how to solve the issue the screenshot was for a completely different and much newer version of Malwarebytes than is available in Kaseya.  the Settings screen shot had options that would solve this issue.  I asked where i could get upgraded to the version he is using as i was told the version i have is the latest version available as of a previous ticket 1 week ago today. i am using 9.5.3