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KAM License and Download

  • I purchased a KAM license and was told that the product would be available for download on 12/31/2010.

    Can someone provide me a link to the download. Also I noticed that the license have not been installed in my License Manager. Will they show up once I install the software?



  • I got the download link, but not sure status of license for myself as well.


  • I have been having issues with the installer, seems to be a problem when there is a previous install of MB present, the flags are not clearing and then you cant do any thing.  Development are aware of this and I am waiting for a fix.  In the meantime I am ensuring that I have uninstalled it myself before I uas the KAM installer.  I do have a script to uninstall by running the uninstalled file in the malware directory

  • KAV and KAM installed okay.  As with other modules added, have to check User Roles to remove the newly installed module from user Roles you do not want to access the module. By default all User Roles get full access to new modules. Not to my liking, especially since this fact is not documented in the installers that I saw.

  • My attempt at installing this file results in a log of:

    Passed VSA Version Number Check.

    Passed License check.

    KAM product version:

    Dependency file does not exist.

    Aborting. This installer is not compatible.  See log for details.

  • @ inswiftmike

    I know Kaseya stressed that VSA is fully hotfixed and have automatic hotfixes enabled for install to work... maybe the install file missing is related to missing hotfix.

  • yep...that particular error means your hotfixes aren't current.

  • That is correct, an upgrade fixed the issue.