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how to deal with existing MBAM installs

  • a lot of our clients have installed the free version of MBAM. some have the latest available, others are a few versions behind. as always with Kaseya it seems to only sometimes report those installs. im fine with it missing them, as i have views to accomplish this.

    my main question for discussion is, how do you deal with existing versions? since, from what i am seeing, KAM insalls right next to it. can we remove existing installs from the module?do you script uninstalls? manually uninstall?

  • Personally, I have a procedure to search for all Malwarebyte installations and if it not present do nothing; if it is, remove it.

  • Oscar,

    Would you be able to share that procedure?  We are starting to deploy KAM and are running into that issue.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot share the procedure; I can share with you the following:

    - There is a registry entry within every Malwarebytes installation which you can save to a variable and execute as command shell.  It's quite simple and provides a great success rate.