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Editing KAM Alert Configuration Email resets other email formats

  • We have recently started testing with KAM internally on our network before we start offering it to our customers.  We are running R8 currently but will be going to R9 within the next few weeks.  We have all our alerts configured to send email's to ConnectWise email connectors so we can get appropriate alerts for Priority tickets that come in after hours and so tickets are assigned to the correct company.

    A couple of weeks back when I was initially configuring the alert profile, specifically the email formatting for the alerts, I found that our other emails for notice (things like new agent install, agent status, and email formatting for alerts regarding event log and monitor sets) were all reset back to their defaults.  I went through and reconfigured the email formatting as it should be and opened a ticket with support.  They were not able to locate a cause and the ticket got closed.

    Today I was working again in the KAM alert profile and made an edit in the subject line of one of the alerts.  I later found that our email formats for the new agent install, agent status, were reset back to the defaults.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I do have a ticket in with support and hope that they can provide some insight, but I am hoping someone here might be able to lend an idea or two.

    The formatting of the emails is crucial to our business and we need to ensure the formatting stays int he format we need it in.

  • Hi Sal,

    Hope all is well.

    This definitely appears to be an issue.

    Just reading over your thread and changing settings in KAM's email alerts, it reset my Monitor Alerts back to default.

    I will update the ticket you submitted with my findings to expedite the process.

    Best Regards,