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Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) Removal

  • MBAM > Settings > Scanner Settings > Action for potentially unwanted programs (PUP) is set to "Show in results list and do not check for removal"

    Is there a way to set it to remove just like the potentially unwanted modifications (PUM)?

    Conduit, Coupon Printer, the Lyrics crap,and all the rest of the current adware and browser search hijackers are falling in the group and we need to be able to remove them easily and automatically.

    Added Clarification
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  • They mentioned at last years conference, that functionality will be added in the new security center.

  • Has there been any update as to when the new module will be available?

  • Procedure MBAM Remove PUP.xml

    In the meantime, I found the registry entries and made a procedure to set that option to remove by default.

    Updated the procedure for better checking in 64bit Windows.
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    Just saw this post...

    Once i change this registry key the kaseya KAM scans will automatically remove PUP? Has this been working well for you?

  • Also will this automatically reboot the computer?

  • Wow i have to thank you for this. I'm running some tests, however looks like its working great!

    Still doing some testing but if i dont run into any major problems this took KAM from being near useless to very helpful in cleaning malware.

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    Have you upgraded to 6.5 yet? Does this registry change interfere with the new KAM?

  • This is the DWORD that controls the behavior:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\detectpup

    0 = Do nothing

    1 = Select for removal

    2 = Log, but do not remove

  • I haven't yet upgraded to 6.5. I'm giving it a week or two for any release issues to be resolved. I'll be upgrading next week and can check then. The registry entry is the same on MBAM 1.75, so this should work with the new KAM.

    Btw, I'm sorry I did not respond to your replies. I don't remember seeing the emails. It doesn't reboot, only a simple registry change. It works great to clear most of the adware garbage.

  • Seems like this registry key doesnt work anymore to auto remove PUP. Might have been like that for a long time.

    Anyone else notice this or found another way to do it?