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Silent removal of infections not happening

  • I have a site that should be removing the infections that it finds with KAM and rebooting the machine. That isn't the case. My end users are seeing the results and are required to take action to clean up the infections found. I double checked my Profile that is assigned and made sure that it is set to reboot to remove the infections and to remove the issues automatically. The only thing I don't have set is to have the KAM to start with Windows.


    Anyone else having this type of problem?





  • I have been seeing the same.  Here is an example of what I am seeing a ton of.

    computername.group.orgname ... 6:16:53 PM 03-Sep-13 ... Not selected for removal. ... File  ... PUP.Optional.SearchProtect.A  ... c:\documents and settings\Lindsey\application data\searchprotect\Dialogs\spsd\searchprotector.css

    The problem is that I had a piece of spyware which was eating 97% of the CPU. MalwareBytes had found it, but would not remove it because it was marked optional. When I manually scanned remotely and deleted everything it worked, but there is no way to get rid of these using the profile. I suppose I could script it at command line, but then what is the purpose of having a profile?