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**Feature Request** - Prevent KAM from being deployed to servers (since it's not supported)

  • Since KAM is not supported on Servers, it would be nice if the system could automatically detect when someone is trying to deploy KAM to a server and not allow the install.  I had an instance where an engineer was deploying KAV/KAM and accidentally deployed KAM to a number of servers.  We got it all cleaned up, which included having to KLC to each server and stop the MBAM service to allow the uninstall to finish, but it would have been better to just avoid it.

  • Adding this to feature request

  • Create a view for workstations and one for servers :)

  • I did.  It would just be really nice to not have to worry about it since it should be easy for Kaseya to integrate the function.  Kind of like how it can automatically select which KAV to deploy based on whether it's a server or workstaion.