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Consolidated List of KAM Issues

  • So..I love KAM to clean machines, however within the Kaseya framework its tough to manage.  Lets be honest and state that the problems with the integration are not entirely Kaseya's fault.  MBM is not a mature corporate product, but we are trying to use it in that way (or MBM would have released a console for it for corporate customers).

    That said, the way that Kaseya modules work, its also not really plugin friendly and that has caused more one one problem in the past (KAV).

    Lets list out the things that cause us problems and then we can see if they can be fixed or worked around or do we just accept that in my case I blew $1600 on nothing.

    #1 - No global allow list management - probably one of the major issues effecting everyone

    #2 - Unability to actually disable the protection when windows starts without me hacking the scripts to disable the service (important for older machines where AV+MBM kills the machines

    #3 -unable to update while services are stopped(it gives errors and a popup on screen about method 2) - if service culd be left running without it seeming to be actively running in background then that might solve #2

    #4 - I THINK applying schema is resetting my profiles...I keep finding my profiles set to file execution blocking and/or hourly updates,etc.  Disable them and voila at some point I find them on (maybe its just me)

    #5 - Profiles not applying consistently and the one that drives me crazy - inability to select all the machines easily like every other module.  Why is that so hard to be consistent with?  Everywhere else there are checkboxes except KAM...

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  • @Mark..  Pulling this list for prioritizing hot fix and for the new feature list.  Very valuable info



  • Thanks for looking Meghana...while I love MBAM, I have to say at this point I probably wasted $1600 in licenses on it..

    We tried going through and using a reg hack to disable the service on the client machines so it didn't run in the background, but that just generates some error 2 or something on them (presumably when it tries to update or something).

    If I leave the service running, but try and disable the protection, the damn thing runs anyhow...and then the performance tanks...

    And on top of that it keeps fighting with Kasepersky and blocking updates and profile settings...

    Overall pretty much a rock and a hard place for that software.

    I really was hoping that I could just have it on the system in a non active state, and manually run a script nightly to update and then run a scan/clean in the background...but so far I've had no luck with that process...

  • I wanted to provide another rambling update to this thread :o)

    I believe that since Travis was able to resolve the issues with KAV not applying my profile settings, its has also resolved an issue I had with KAM that i believed was just a broken implementation, but may have been just the KAM profiles not applying correctly..

    I have configured my profile to NOT enable the protection when windows starts and I have disabled the SCAN and update options.  Obviously that begs the question why, but I think there is a method to my madness :o)

    When the Protection module is running, I've seen it running as low as 20MB of memory up to 150MB of memory...and it kills those poor XP machines..especially with KAV/KES on them.

    My real requirement for KAM is to have it on the system and have it doing the background scanning at night (or on demand).  I don't believe MBAM as an organization is mature enough to trust with website blocking (since lets face it...Websense still F's it up all the time) and while I'd love to see it blocking Antivirus 2010,etc, etc  the large amount of RAM and the large number of false positives I think cause more issues then its worth to run realtime.

    As a cleanup tool is does the job really well and my goal has been to run the service, leave protection off and then run and update and scan nightly (and I like to run seperate scripts to do that as its easier for someone on my team to realize that will run vs some hidden schedule they never thought to look for.


    After playing with my profiles, I have noticed that it is now turning off the protection on new installs and existing systems I've re-applied the profiles to.

    I have also been able to successfully run the update and scan scripts as well.

    So...#2 is probably not really an issue, and neither is #5 with applying profiles...however I still wish I could select all like I do for every other module to apply the profile to everything vs going through 100 agents at a time to apply the profile.

  • I completely agree, that is exactly how we want to use KAM, have it installed & just run scheduled scans as well as use it for cleanups when required.

    We do not want to have the real-time protection module run at all as it does cause complications, besides we have the real-time protection covered by other things.

  • I too bought into KAM when it was first released, but find that the current and original version 1.50 does not seem to run on Windows 7 with bitlocker.  Nor did that version of the freeware product..  However it is my understanding the more current versions now do work with bitlocker installed.  It would also be nice to be able to see and deal with detections similar to KES.

  • Does anyone still experience issues with KAM? I have found varying issues. In my VSA, KAM has the slowest pages of all the web pages in the VSA. Also random popups on user's pc's when a scan is started. There are more issues.

  • we are so far behind now in versions we think we are in first.