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High CPU use when viewing machines?

  • I noticed that the Kaseya server experiences high CPU use when viewing machines.  We had tried a reapply DB Schema because I also noticed some icons don't appear (under column sets), but I guess that's maybe because it is unfinished still?

    The high CPU use doesn't happen with Kaseya core modules.  It's just when I use the KAM.  If I select to only view 10 machines it seems to be better, until I switch to the next page which causes a CPU spike.

    Anyone else noticed the high CPU use issues?



  • We saw that recently, and very shortly after that, the KAM pane wouldn't even list machines. I raised a ticket which was dealt to very swiftly (thanks Kaseya support - you're doing an amazing job), and this was the answer:

    "As suspected the KamSagaProgress table was bloated with alot of useless data which causes this issue. I have ran a couple of queries to trim this table size down.

    I believe this issue stemmed from a issue in KAM where machines who did not have KAM installed and the agent was assigned an installation ID and so KAM got confused and generated a lot of rubbish.

    In your case the table size went from 4.8 Million rows to 58000 rows after maintenance."

    You may wish to raise a ticket and get them to have a look at it for you.

  • Sorry to revive an old thread (really), but just wanted to say that we have 2 KAM tables, kam.KamThreatIncidents and kam.ProcessedClientEvent, total 26 Million rows and 12GB. What's strange is that we don't use KAM and have installed it on at most 20 machines.