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Pending actions

  • anyone else experiencing massive issues with lots of machines reporting Pending Scan and finding that Green checkbox 5,10,15 times on clients.

    Not happening on all clients, but happening on enough to be a concern.

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  • For some reason nothing in Kaseya is listening to me right now. KAM won't listen to my uninstall commands, it just sits there saying Installed. My KES is stuck at Pending Install for days and the Audit scan is pending scan for days. What the..

  • I still have well over 70% of my machines all sitting with multiple sending scan's listed in the interface.  I've updated to KAM 1.1...not expecting it to help based on the release notes though.

  • We are also having pending install/uninstall operations that will not complete (successfully or not) and many machines will not cancel pending operations either. Some allow multiple uninstall operations to be pending but then they don't cancel.

    KAM 1.1 did not fix it for us. :(