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Can't find missing licenses in KAV

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We have 10 licenses for KAV, I can only find 6 machines that have KAV deployed, I am not sure where the other 4 licenses have gone.  Is there anyway I can filter or bring up a summary of all machines that have KAV installed.   With KES we could see Partials, unused etc.  I believe we may have also reformatted 1 machine with KAV installed, what happens to this license, I don't believe KAV was uninstalled before hand and the Agent has been removed from our Kaseya server.



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  • Jason,

    Clicking on the "auto extend" button will show you the license breakdown, unused, partial, etc.  Without looking at your specific server, I can't tell you where your other licenses are at this time.  If you put a ticket in through https://portal.kaseya.net we can take a look at your licenses and find out their statuses.



    Kaseya Support