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MalwareBytes prompting end users for upgrade?

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    (I'm copying here an email thread...trying to do that more )


    Hi Jeff-

    I am noticing on my machine right now that when I try to launch Malwarebytes, it tells me that a newer version of the program has been downloaded and wants me to go through the setup process to update - obviously not ideal to have happen on end user machines.  I have been trying to use the update function through Kaseya and it doesn’t seem to do anything.  Is there a newer version available than what we are pushing through Kaseya?


    Also, the issue with views not being accurate when switching back and forth between modules is the biggest issue I am seeing so far.


    Thank you much,



    Jeff Olson  |  Team Technical Lead



    Here’s the scoop.


    There is a profile option to “download program updates”.  Whenever that is checked, it will download new versions (in this case is just now available or something like that).  When MBAM detects a downloaded version, it prompts the user.

    So...don't enable that in the profile and this won't happen.  Once we do our plan below, you'll decide when to deploy.


    What are we planning?

     We think to

    1.       Repurpose the check box to act in part of the deployment.  That means we'll manage these version deployments similar to KES (except that we'll test it prior to releasing it rather than having it come straight from the OEM to your VSA server).  You will be able to install newer versions in the same method as running "install"...it will just do the right thing to make sure the latest version is there.

    2.    In a hotfix coming out this week, we'll deploy such that all new installs will have this version

    3.    In future version (i.e.  the NEXT version planned for Q1 2011), we'll integrate this with the file source feature where these will be pushed out to the local LAN rather than requiring them all come from the cloud.


  • Jeff,

    Has any progress been made in rolling out this hotfix? Our Agents are showing 1.50 as opposed to the 1.50.1 version.

    Also, if we disable the "Download Program Updates" option, does that mean that any "signature" versions will not be updated also?


  • Set the following DWORD to zero (both of you):

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\downloadprogram

  • This one too... also zero.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\updatewarn

  • This is in the profile...use the profile instead.  (Its on the update tab)

    The hotfix that includes has now been released (last week sometime).  Any installs previous to that will need to uninstall / install.  Any new installs will get that by default.