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  • This is the place....looking forward to the posts



  • Where's the beer?

  • Here's a recording of some of the features (mostly focuses on KAV)


  • Is there / will there be a tray icon for AntiMalware?

  • Jeff, I would hardly call that answering SMason's question. And it's Christmas! Have a heart would you.

  • I think Keyes is saying take a few minutes and review the link to a demo of KAM. It should be able to answer quite a few questions that are going to be asked even if he answers that one question. Plus it'll give you more details on the product. Don't forget about the 1/2 off on pricing for KAM and KAV till the end of the year.

  • Also customers can convert any KES licenses purchased since Oct of this year.

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  • The system tray has an option on how to display...we currently default it NOT displayed.


  • Does that include licenses that were automatically extended?

    And is there any chance that the Oct. date will be pushed back so our current licenses don't have to wait 3/4 of a year to be converted?

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  • "Any" licenses, but not partials, correct? We just had several auto-extend...

  • Where do we access the option to show the display?  I thought I went through each tab and option in mbam, and couldn't find it.