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Definitions dates between Kaspersky and the KAV module don't match up for some endpoints

  • Yup, got myself another KAV issue at hand here.  Submitted it as a ticket to the helpdesk but next to no movement on it still.

    This issue that's come about now ever since switching from our on-prem instance to the cloud/SaaS is that some endpoints in the KAV module will report being out of date for the definitions, but yet Kaspersky is still keeping them up to date just fine.  In the image below, I've circled just a few of our endpoints that have such an issue.

  • This was what drove us to create our first Smart Monitor over 3 years ago!

  • We had that issue years & years ago.  One of the reasons we ditched Kaspersky / Kaseya "integration".

  • I can only add I don't miss the constant struggles with Kaspersky integration. It's good software but it took us way to much effort to keep it running smoothly. We like using Webroot, which takes us maybe 1/4 of the time to manage.

  • I have to agree with all of the above.The integration is atrocious and we lost an awful lot of time trying to keep over 5k Kaspersky installed machines in check using it. In the end we ditched it and moved directly to Kaspersky. We raised countless tickets for problems that over 3 years later were never sorted and we also suffered from the definition date mismatch problem.

  • We also ditched Kaspersky for similar reasons, more than a year ago.

    Now the US fed. gov. officially banned Kaspersky, Kaseya has zero motivation to work on this module any more. Don't expect any fixes is my prediction.