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Corrupt Trusted apps in new

  • It seems Kaspersky AV is getting used less and less, but for those still using it a heads up.

    We discovered that long Trusted Apps paths, if counted correctly, with lengths over 78 characters will appear corrupted in Kaspersky if you check on a local machine. So, the profile you setup in Kaseya is OK, but corruption of the path immediately sets in on the agent if the length of the path is over 78 characters. There's no way of knowing this unless you check locally since Kaseya doesn't report the profile as being out of compliance!

    The significance of this is, that the default Kaseya exceptions partly fall in this issue. This has the potential to cripple all your Kaseya installs with KAV.

    Checking an older install didn't show the same problem.

  • One very good reason that it's being used less & less is the ban on the products use by all US government agencies and any associated vendor or provider.

  • Sure, I understand that in the States that's a big reason. But, we do have the rest of the world, where the ban is not automatically copied. So, is there anybody that can confirm this?

    Kaseya doesn't seem to take this very seriously, and I feel this has the potential to cripple a lot of software. We've had to battle this for one of our special programs, where about 15 customers got locked out of using their scanning tool and Trusted apps was vital in getting this fixed. I can think of financial software we use here in the Netherlands that would shut down dozens of customers and the only option would be to disable KAV altogether, and that wouldn't be great...

    My head seemed to consider there software equal to their software - it sounds the same, so phonetically I was in the clear... ;-)
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