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I have the antivirus client disabled email alert configured on all of our endpoints, but I don't think it's behaving properly. Any way for it to not trigger when user logs off, restarts, or shuts down the PC?

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Just wondering if there's any way to fix this behavior because whenever a user logs off, or restarts/shuts down their PCs, sometimes the inboxes of myself and my other IT comrades get flooded.  Yes, technically the client is obviously getting disabled/shut down when any of the aforementioned actions occur, but I only want that email alert to come to us when/if an antivirus client is truly getting disabled.  I know for a fact that all of these current email alerts about AV being disabled are in fact false positives (I can confirm this by seeing no reports about disabled clients in either AV module).  Furthermore, in order to disable the AV client on our machines (that being Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10) the only way to do so in our configuration is to know the default username/password set by Kaspersky.

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  • Actually, I may have figured it out now.  It may have had something to do with that darn "configuration is out of compliance with the profile" flag.  Just re-pushed the profile that we used to first install the antivirus on to those machines, and so far, so good.  I'll update this post should that not be the solution to the problem.