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KAV 10SP1 License Expired

  • I cant find any instance of a fix for this issue, on this version of KAV. All of our endpoints flipped to expired licenses in the last few days. Our license is good through December. Anyone have experience with this issue, or a known fix?

    It started on and we have updated to in search of a fix.

  • Hi twistedtechmike,

    Do you have a ticket on this?  I have no knowledge of this issue.  I would be happy to look into your system if you would like as well.  You can also reach out to me via email if you wish.  charles.custer@kaseya.com

  • #198273. Currently working with Rahul Laad, who is just running through the typical update functions which we've already tried.

  • Kudos to Charles! Problem resolved, turned out to be our new firewall settings GEO blocking the Kaspersky license file update.

  • Glad he was on top of it. :)