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KAV - AVG 2016 and Server 2016 - Firewall/DHCP

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We upgrade our VSA server to a while back and things have been mostly good with this release. One of the things we've been slowly trying to catch up on is upgrading all KES endpoints to the latest version, which appears to now be AVG 2016 with the application labeled as AVG Protection on the workstation or server. 

One of the things I noticed when I started my upgrades, or fresh installs or AVG, was that there is now a visible AVG Firewall on the endpoint. I don't know if this is new in these later versions but I don't recall seeing this before. Does anyone know of a way to disable this firewall entirely? I've looked through the VSA Security module, and KES profiles, and can't seem to find any global setting. This firewall caused an issue with an Accounting application and it was blocking network access on incoming ports from workstations. I was able to resolve this for this Server 2016 by whitelisting their LAN subnet in AVG.

More importantly, I also did a fresh KES install on a brand new DC (Server 2016), and it completely obliterated DHCP. This server completely stopped handing out IP's. It resolved itself the minute I uninstalled AVG. I am not sure if disabling the AVG firewall, or whitelisting the LAN subnets will correct this, or if there is some other known fix for this? 

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! If this is a duplicate post too, I apologize. I looked for a similar thread but didn't seem to find one. 

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  • This issue was resolved at some patch level. I don't know about 9.3, but it is not present in 9.4. Our KES deployments don't enable anything but AV.

  • We STILL have issues with KES disabling the windows firewall on install or upgrade. This has been a bug for years -- Kaseya seem to just ignore tickets opened on this subject, although I did determine it's the Kaseya deployment script doing this, not the AVG installer.

    If only I could edit system scripts, i cold probably fix this in 5 minutes....sigh.

  • We disable Windows Firewall across the board for our servers so I don't know about AVG disabling that or not. However seeing the AVG firewall is new to me, and I'm curious why I can't seem to find any firewall settings (disable/enable) within the Security module/profile settings. I think because of this, the firewall is simply enabling itself on every install.

    I'm still curious why this version of AVG is breaking DHCP on a DC. Does anyone know if it is in fact because of the AVG firewall? I will try to do some more testing after hours (to prevent downtime for the customer), unless someone can shed some light sooner. :)