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KAV database date is incorrect

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We are seeing increasing numbers of machines in KAV on 9.3 (not KAV classic) where the endpoint is out of date but the VSA is showing it as being up to date.

The database date in the VSA seems to show the time and date that the last update was run from the VSA and does not accurately reflect the actual status of the endpoint at all many of which have not had a single update run on them at all.

Is anyone else seeing this kind of behaviour?

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  • Hi JB,

    We are taking the information provided by Kaspersky to update this field.  I would be happy to investigate your system further to see why you are seeing this.  


  • Hi Charles,

    We would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. We have a lot of machines to migrate from classic into KAV and have had a lot of issues already with a module that we initially thought was a lot more robust and stable.


  • I'm not aware of having the issue you're reporting, but I will look into this. If I won't forget I'll update with results.

    We have a ticket open for the opposite happening. On the local agent Kaspersky is up-to-date, but the VSA will not reflect the correct date.

    In new KAV this was seen up to a month ago in about 50% of all agents. Since then VSA patches have made short work of most issues and only incidents remain. Although we do see regular cases of good working and working updates on agents falling over and needing a Repair to start working again. Those cases are all the same; Kaspersky is working fine on the local agents, but the VSA doesn't report the correct database version.

  • Thanks Charles, I will email shortly.

    Interesting that you are seeing the opposite to us. We have support working on this at the moment but please update me if you find anything. I'm curious about where these issues lie.

  • Well, time for an update.

    The issue is rather random, but under control since patch (and now We only see it in about 1% of all installations.

  • - We have the same issue that Kaseya Engineering tested a fix on our server for.  I believe it to be in the .27 patch: Fixed an issue that could cause Antivirus to show 'Update Profile' and 'Get Status' as stuck pending actions. (PT-392/ATTWO-2177)

    Engineering was saying that since the agents were stuck in 'Get Status' they were unable to return the AV DB value.