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Next year, don't renew KAV

  • So what are you guys planning to switch to?

  • We're not planning to switch away.

    We're working with Kaseya, both through the beta program, and through the ticket process, to get the module fixed to the point that it actually works the way we(by we, I mean all Kaseya users) want it to.

    The last few builds of new KAV (patch have added features and fixed numerous issues. There are still some issues, but they're getting resolved...slowly.

    If you aren't on 9.3 with the latest patches and migrated to the new KAV module, you need to do so. It's far superior to classic KAV.

    for those clients that don't like KAV, we maintain KES and this works well with the AVG2013 release.

  • Plus you have the development lead reading the forums and getting issues and features addressed to make this a better product :-)

    slowly... I hope to change that thought going forward.  

  • At the moment, after a year and more, struggling with Kaspersky I fully agree with Craig.

    It's been a journey worthy of a Lord of the Rings trilogy. Brave Kaseyans fighting the issues, sticking with Kaseya and getting there in the end. Destroying the ring is similar to leaving old KAV with MS Message Queues behind.

    A new day will dawn and we'll live happily ever after ( if this was a fairy tale)...  :-)

  • I have been testing other RMM anti-virus solutions as a cause for analysis.  While there are some small features which could be wishlist items for new KAV, I feel the track of the new module is on the right pace.

    There are some features which personally I feel would be 'RMM breaking' (in a good way) for new KAV which these RMM companies have not incorporated yet.  If new KAV where to somehow develop and integrate these small and crucial features, game-changer comes to mind.  

  • i think kaseya is doing everything in their power to 'make it right' although i can easily argue about the rate to get it done.

    i think its important to consolidate everything to one module and really get a grip on whats going on. when we report of off the database its just messy trying to decipher it all.

    for now, the path of least resistance is get everyone onto the new KAV with the latest version and let it run. we have about 6000 agents to convert. i think it will certainly be a deciding factor on if we stick with it or not after everything is running it and these last couple of bugs run out.

    to me AV is  such a small cog in the security machine that its getting frustrating that this is where i seem to be spending the bulk of our labor