Kaseya Community patch issues

  • New KAV - patch - can't sort by some columns in the grid e.g. antivirus version, flags. The headings click, but nothing happens.

    In testing this I have managed to click on something such that now I can't see any agents at all - and resetting views, filters, etc. makes no difference. All agents - gone. Logging off, clearing browser cache, different computer etc. nada.

    I also suspect that the clear errors function was no longer updating.

    I'd log a ticket, but Zendesk is down.

    Prior to this, i had the following errors present:

    Seriously, something is still fundamentally broken in KAV....

  • Great. We have been holding off upgrading to 9.3 as have been waiting for issues with KAV to die down. Looks like we'll be waiting longer.

  • Managed to get the agents back by re-sorting on one of the columns that actually works (i.e. does sort).

    Can confirm that if you 'clear pending action errors' the icons don't update in the grid under the pending actions column - i.e. the error icon doesn't go away. However, if you click on the error icon the popup shows the error as not there (i.e. no errors listed). Refreshing the grid makes no difference.

    So, it's apparently cosmetic. But still horrible since now we have to click into every single machine to check the true status. ugh.

    Today I had every online machine go out of compliance with the profile. No explanation why- but I did load patch .20 last night so I assume it's a change there....however agents going out of compliance has been a daily issue since forever in KAV - why isn't thins working?!?!?! It would also be very nice to know *what* is out of compliance specifically so we can troubleshoot further...right now I'm clueless about what KAV is not happy about.

    I continue to see pending actions scheduled by the VSA (e.g. licence updates, get profile, get status) against agents that aren't online. ...these agents appear to never action these pending actions even when they do come online...however if you wait long enough the system does seem to clear itself and the problem nearly always (but not every time) goes away.

    Why is the VSA scheduling pending actions against offline machines. This makes no sense!!

    KAV - Alerts - Add endpoints. Slightly amusing that I can add agents without KAV installed. surely you'd filter the list to include only agents that have KAV installed?

    The alerts system is lousy - should be able to add alerts by machine group at least, or org, or as part of the profile. Manually assigning alerts independently of everything else on a machine-by-machine basis? What was that about automation, Kaseya??

    Time for some support tickets, if Zendesk decides to work again.....

  • Where you are seeing all agents out of compliance, is this across all orgs or is it limited to specific orgs? We had something similar that Kaspersky have accepted as an issue.

  •  We run one org and one or more machine-groups per client. As you can see from the screenshot if you inspect the agent names, it's across all clients.

  • There are some struggles with KAV and some things they could definitely improve in the management process.  I agree with you on many points in observing behavior from the 'view from 30,000 feet'.  

    As for the alerting management per org: I believe you can create profiles and assign to organizations via Policy.

  • Just noticed your screenshot looks like you're on KAV and we are still on KAV classic, so our issues may not be related.

  • As soon as I created a profile in Policy and applied it, it caused KAV to install on every machine. We want to monitor the machines we have selectively installed KAV to - not force an install across the board.

    Therefore, policy-based monitoring doesn't work.

  • ,

    Policies should only apply to machines that match the view defined within that policy (assuming the policy is applied using the "Organizations/Machine Group" function and not the "Machines" function).  Given that, you should be able to create a policy which restricts to a specific subset of machines and define the profile/alerting within that policy.  Could you create your view to restrict on a common attribute that would identify the machine as KAV-eligible?  Perhaps a custom field you populate (either manually or via an Agent Procedure) or some other specific attribute?

  • Has anybody else observed the issues that @Craig Hart has reported?  I am wondering if this is isolated or should I hold off on until it is fixed...

  • I have confirmed this issue as well from my test server.

  • Is this only an issue with AV or throughout the VSA?

  • I just upgraded last night. I can no longer connect to Agents via remote control.  

  • Wow, glad I've held off. I'll wait until .21

  • I upgraded to .20 last week and have not had any issue connecting via KRC or Legacy Remote Control.

    I know in the past, if you did not upgrade your Live Connect or the clients weren't running the latest agent version, that would affect how they work.  In this case, latest agent version is

    I'm not using the new KAV  module so I can't confirm Craig's issue with that.

    Anyone else having other issues since patching to ,20?