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Scan Network Drives?

  • I've got one my clients who we just upgraded to the new AV from the older Classic version and they are having weird application crashes when using shared network drives. Has anyone has had issues with the Network scanning turned on?

  • We tend to uncheck the option to scan network drives on Workstation profiles. It makes sense to have AV on the server with this shared location do the scanning for those files. If a lot of workstations try to scan the same network drives and the server also scans these locations I'm not to surprised that gets you into trouble.

    Then you have to consider that the new module has more options in the profiles that might impact this issue. So, you could test this by going back to the old module with these agents and check the local settings in the Kaspersky agents. Compare that to the settings on an agent in the new module and you should find your culprit.

  • I'm starting with the default Kaseya recommended and removing crap from there. I saw that the network scanning was on by default, but like you I plan to turn that option off as well.

  • @Cmorrow,

    As a note, these initial settings, low, recommended and high, are the preset Kaspersky Settings.  When you create a new profile, you can base you initial settings off of these.  

    Antivirus > Configuration > Profiles > New > Workstation 10 Profile > select Security Level you want to start with from the drop down box at top right of screen (This will set all lower tabs at the level you choose) .  Additionally you can choose lower tabs with the levels and change these indidually.

    - Charles