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Issues with new KAV patch

  • We are seeing agents listed multiple times with conflicting statuses (e.g. "installed failed" - it's installed (MCL-FMS in screenshot)

    We are seeing agents where KAV has been removed still listed as active (mclpc005/6/7/003-pc in screenshot).

    I think this may be becuase the SQL queries behind this are not being correctly filtered and are returning the entire agent history, not the "current" record.

    Anyone else seeing these sorts of weird "errors"?

    We are also seeing many machines with pending action that never complete. These need to be manually cancelled and re-issued.  We think this represents a bug in the new agent endpoint fabric system, whereby commands that are "lost" e.g. due to the user rebooting their machine or the machine going to sleep during an action, causes the VSA to 'hang' waiting for something that never returns a status.

  • I use the Kaseya's SaaS solution and definitely noticed the duplicates when that last did the update. There is suppose to be an update tonight and it's meant to fix a number of KAV issues. The release notes here: help.kaseya.com/.../RN

    For me on the SaaS server, I can't install KAV on duplicate entries. It comes up with a " "An item with the same key has already been added" error. Hopefully tonight's update will fix it. Not sure if it actually fixes the duplicate entries.

  • Hi Craig,

    Seeing duplicate machines was addressed in for SQL 2012 and will be address for SQL 2008 in  If you are using SQL 2008 and would like this addressed sooner please get let me know and I can help.



  • Hi Charles,

    Yes we would like this fix ASAP. You can respond via ticket #154419.

  • I am also seeing this issue today after an upgrade.  Chris

  • Hi asuman,

    Please contact support.  They will be able to help you.

    @Craig, Gary told me he followed up with you.  Has this addressed this issue?

  • @charles here is my ticket number Request #154894 .  Thanks Chris

  • yes it's sorted out fur us now thanks. Support provided the SQL query that resolves the issue. I assume needs the same fix.

  • It was sent over and I sent it to the SQL folks to back up server before running the update.