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9.2 KAV AND 9.3 Classic KAV end users being prompted to install Kaspersky update

  • We have received reports from customers using KAV on R9.2 where Kaspersky engine on endpoints is prompting user to update to new version.

    We recommend that users seeing this prompt should click "cancel" and not run the upgrade. The prompt can be disabled from the Kaspersky UI by unchecking the "Update Application Modules" box shown below. We are currently working on a way to automate suppression of this prompt, and the next patch release of 9.2 will add support for the new build so install can be scheduled through Kaseya console.

    [edited by: Brande Schweitzer at 7:39 AM (GMT -8) on Jan 5, 2017]
  • We have now published a KB article with further details about this issue - helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../102202227

  • Do you have a way to block this update yet in the KAV Classic architecture?

    We are running version 9.3 but all of our KAV clients are all still running in KAV Classic.