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KAV "New" - Global Exclusions reset to default

  • I happened to look at my KAV Global Exclusions and noticed that it had default back to just 3 exclusions.  Has anybody else seen this since patching to .16 or .17?

    added image
    [edited by: Tim Varvais at 8:16 AM (GMT -7) on Sep 2, 2016]
  • I hadn't noticed until you said something, but mine did that as well.

  • Just checked ours and they are gone as well.

  • On a positive note, our Global Exclusions are still around.

    I believe it will be that breaks this, since we only added the exclusions recently after going from 9.2 to 9.3 and after starting out on patch Still chasing that elusive stable gold plated version of Kaseya :-)

  • .....just checked on our VSA, we went from .15 to .17 and the global exclusions are gone too. in both KAV and KAM.

    this is just getting beyond ridiculous.

  • The Global Exclusions data has not been lost. corrects this and will display the Global Exclusions in the UI.  Anyone on patch .9..3.0.16 or can contact support to update their system.

  • That is good to know Charles....if only they would release the patch.