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Script to Upgrade KAV Versions

  • Does anyone have a script that will upgrade KAV Endpoints (ex. v10.2.1.23 to v10.2.4.674)? Or do you have to reinstall from KAV GUI, including the reboot? Is there a command line utility like avp.com update (for updating definitions) that will perform an Upgrade?


  • Seems to be you need to do an install, and that should upgrade (and reboot) - except all our upgrades are failing, after which Kaseya thinks there is no AV installed (The original KES install is still working just fine).

    There is also no'connect' to an existing install like there is with KES.. However if you wait long enough, apparently Kaseya magically sees KAV again and picks up wher eit left off (i.e. recognizing the original install).

    Pretty poor design, methinks.

    Frankly, KAV is still a disaster - we STILL can''t even tell from Kasyea if  machine is infected or not!! (Sucessfully quarantined threats are still listed as "Has Active Threats". Hint Kaseya - a successfully quarantined threat is *no longer an active threat*.

    Also, KAV doesn't use agent procedues, it uses some other back magic to install and update - so it's impossible to monitor what it's doing or cancel an action in progress,

    Also, you can't even interact with the Kaspersky GUI on the endpoint unless you alter the defaults ()the GUI opens, then hangs, and has to be end-tasked. Obviously they don't expect users to, you know, scan their computers). How crazy is that for a default behavior???

    Ugh, no wonder I (mostly) stick to AVG.