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KAV version and Windows 10 Build 14393

  • I am guessing this is not supported anymore with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update?  Has anyone seeing this working yet with new windows update and KAV

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    Kasperski does not work with the anniversary version of windows 10.

  • Greetings All,

    I have indeed come across the same issue. Three of my endpoints are all updated and all three report the same. KAV (New) reports those machines as "Removed by User".

    I copied out the KAV files from our Kaseya Server and found that running them locally Windows 10 reports "Kaspersky Endpoint Security doesn't work on this version of Windows."

    I have logged a support ticket for this issue.

  • Kaspersky have a (short) Compatibility Article here: support.kaspersky.com/12515

    Additional Forum thread at Kaspersky is here: forum.kaspersky.com/index.php

  • Good morning Kaseya,

    Any news on when we can expect this update or are you going to remain traditionally silent on this issue?

    Also, when upgrading the endpoints to KES10 SP1 MR3 will they require a reboot?

  • does anyone know of an associated KB for this Windows 10 update? i think while we wait for kaspersky/kaseya if we can somehow blacklist this, it could help with potential issues.

  • Hey guys,

    Kaspersky is expecting to have SP3 released sometime around August 15th. We have petitioned to get early access so we can push it out without affecting any customers. Unfortunately, due to the incompatibility, we do NOT recommend you upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition if you use KAV until after we have their SP3 bits tied in.

    We will keep you posted as we learn more. Right now we are testing a few scenarios to auto-mend the KAV install if you do upgrade the Anniversary edition and break the compatibility with SP2.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We hate to be out of compliance with any shipping version of Windows. However, there is little we can do until Kaspersky gets us the new bits.

  • I'd like to second this. Anyone know of an associated KB article for the Windows 10 Anniversary Patch?

    Is there any way to prevent endpoints from applying this patch?

  • It's KB3176929.

  • @anmbolanos

    KB3159635 installs Windows Update Assistant which installs Anniversary Edition: support.microsoft.com/.../3159635.

    However I've also disabled KB3012973 and KB3176929 as suggested by other uses in this forum.

  • version from Kasepersky does seem to work with the windows update and within Kaseya.  I did the install of the new version of Kaspersky before doing the upgrade to new version of Windows.  I am guessing the next patch from Kaseya will be able to release the same.

  • Hey guys,

    We have been testing SP3 since we got it and expect to have v9.3.0.16 shipped in the next 24 hrs which includes support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It's passed all QA tests and we are just doing some final validations against our SaaS infrastructure.

    Thanks for your patience as we we worked to get Kaspersky's new bits out.

  • Hi Dana,

    Any update on when this will be released for 9.2?

    We have a lot of clients now who need this.