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Profile migration from KAV Classic to new KAV module

  • Hi...

    Has anyone found a way to export/import or easily recreate the KAV profiles from the Classic KAV into the new KAV module ?

    In my VSA we use Client dedicated profiles in order to be able to tweak the protection based on each client' need... That means a lot of profiles !!!

    This setup also ensures that when working on a profile, only one client will be affected by the change (i.e. nothing will brake on another Client) .

    Thanks for the answers and replies


  • I haven't found a way, manually recreated them all.  =(

    Would be super great if there was a way though.

  • Is there a specific way to migrate the devices over or do you have to uninstall / reinstall under the new profile?

  • we wrote a "bot" that will export all the exceptions to a text file, it makes it easier to copy and paste them back to the new profile.   Remember that 9.3 now supports "Global" exclusions, so some of them might only need to be entered once.

    PM me or email me at chris at virtualadministrator dot com and I will get you a copy.

  • Chris,

    Did you find any way to import the exclusions back in without pasting one by one?

    I was able to get them all into an excel doc.

  • Elliot, sorry this is ancient, I didn't get a notification that you replied.     No, we did not attempt to create a bot to push it back in.     For the ones we had, it would have taken more time to do the bot, than to simply copy and paste them back in from the text file/spreadsheet.

  • KAV profiles can be migrated now, but not every settings comes across, and all of the settings that were not exposed in the previous KAV profiles will be set to default values.

    Go to https://address-of-your-vsa/SEC/MigrateClassicKAVProfiles.aspx

  • Hi JB1975,

    Yes there are differences in the options that are not available from classic to new KAV/KAM.  Here is a KB article on the differences and what options we default if there is not a match.




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